Consulting on a dirt racetrack

Consulting on a dirt racetrack


Our background in creating and maintaining new surfaces and existing surfaces enables us to create carefully balanced surfaces that perform consistently in any climate.  

Existing Racetrack

On Track Consulting is highly skilled at working on existing racetracks such as dirt, turf, and synthetic.  We offer the ability to evaluate equipment, existing dirt surface, and compaction on the track that is there currently.  We can analyze the dirt, compaction, and to check how the surface is holding moisture.  We will provide a consultation with methods to improve the track and can also offer expertise as to when and what type of material should be added.  

New Racetrack


We have the capability to oversee and or consult on the installation of the racing srface.  We can check to see if the on and on gaps are suitable for the installation.  We can also consult on the material being added to insure it is the desired composition for that track based on factors such as geographic location, drainage, and moisture.  


On Track Consulting can consult on the footing, drainage, and composition of the arena.

Polo Fields

On Track Consulting can consult on the type of grass to use, verify the location is level, and check the compaction of the area being used.